Monday, October 5, 2015

Seth Grahame-Smith to Write & Direct THE FLASH Movie

Well, at least we have a really great Flash TV show.

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Seth Grahame-Smith is in negotiations to write and direct The Flash, the film version based on the classic DC Comics superhero.  This will be his first feature directorial debut, although he directed episodes of The Hard Times of RJ Berger, an MTV comedy he co-created with producing partner David Katzenberg.

Grahame-Smith, 39, is best known as the writer of the novels Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and The Last American Vampire.  He wrote the script for Tim Burton's film version of Dark Shadows, polished the script for the 2015 version of The Fantastic Four, and is currently writing a sequel for the 1988 supernatural comedy Beetlejuice.

Ezra Miller is still slated to star as Barry Allen, following appearances in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League Part 1, to be released in Summer 2017, as part of the DC Extended Universe.

According to the article, The Flash movie has a treatment from Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, best known for The LEGO Movie, who were originally up for the directing gig. Charles Roven will produce the movie version, with Deborah and Zack Snyder executive producing.

The Flash is currently scheduled to arrive in theaters on March 3, 2018.

DOCTOR WHO: John Hurt Returns as The War Doctor for Big Finish

"Great men are forged in fire.  It is the privilege of lesser men to light the flame.  Whatever the cost."
-- The War Doctor, Doctor Who: "The Day of the Doctor"

War Doctor no more?  Think again.

Big Finish Productions has announced that Sir John Hurt will be reprising his role of The War Doctor for 12 full-cast Doctor Who audio adventures.  These will be broken out over four sets, each containing three hour-long audio adventures, with the first titled Only the Monstrous that arrives in December 2015.  The second, Infernal Devices, follows in February.

And even better, there will be a prequel box set in November 2017, titled Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor -- The Time War, which will focus on the early stages of the Time War with the Eighth Doctor, Paul McGann.  

Oh, look...There's a handy press release from Big Finish with more information...

In December 2015, the Time War will rage and only one man can save us. John Hurt is The War Doctor!

John Hurt, the world-renowned star of film and television, is returning to the role of The War Doctor, in twelve full-cast Doctor Who audio plays.

The War Doctor was introduced for Doctor Who’s Fiftieth Anniversary, and played a key part in the record-breaking television special The Day of the Doctor, alongside David Tennant and Matt Smith’s Doctors. He is the secret incarnation of the Time Lord — but he has shunned the title ‘Doctor’ in order to fight in the Time War against the Daleks.

“I have been a huge fan of John since first seeing him in the repeats of I, Claudius in the 1980s and in his Oscar-nominated role as the eponymous The Elephant Man,’ says Big Finish executive producer Jason Haigh-Ellery. ‘Watching his performance in The Day of the Doctor I did find myself fantasising that some far off day we might have the chance to work with him on the audio adventures of Doctor Who and now two short years later it’s happened! John wove a fantastic character together from a great script by Steven Moffat. Now we have the chance to get to know that character more and hear John stretch in the role. We’re all in for a hell of a ride as the War Doctor engages in battle. But who are the greater threat - the Daleks or the Time Lords?”

The audio adventures of The War Doctor will be told over four box sets, each containing three linked hour-long episodes. The first box set is entitled Only The Monstrous, and is written and directed by Nicholas Briggs, whose many successes for Big Finish include the BBC Audio Award-winning masterpiece Doctor Who: Dark Eyes.

“The story of the Doctor who refuses to call himself the Doctor in order to do the unthinkable upon the ultimate battlefield — all of space and time — was irresistible to me,” says Nicholas. “Such a deeply disturbing and engaging character created by the formidable talents of writer Steven Moffat and actor John Hurt. It’s such a privilege to be working on this.”

The cast of The War Doctor also includes Jacqueline Pearce, who plays Time Lord Cardinal Ollistra — an arch manipulator who is waging the Time War against the Daleks. Jacqueline’s work includes The Avengers, Callan, Doctor Who: Death Comes to Time, Moondial and Russell T Davies’ Dark Season, and she is known to many science fiction fans for her role as Servalan in the cult classic Blake’s 7.

Only The Monstrous will be released in December 2015, and will be followed in February 2016 by the second volume, Infernal Devices, which is written by John Dorney, Phil Mulryne and Matt Fitton. Volumes Three and Four are currently in pre-production.

“What an utter privilege it is to work with such an iconic actor, playing such a brilliantly devised role,” says producer David Richardson. “This is Doctor Who at its darkest — the era in which our hero casts aside his core values in order to try and save the galaxy in its most terrible hour. We promise bold and brilliant story-telling with gripping character drama, and epic and cinematic audio productions.”

In addition to The War Doctor, November 2017 also sees a prequel box set to the saga, Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor — The Time War, which will follow the early stages of the Time War from the Eighth Doctor’s perspective. Paul McGann stars, alongside characters first introduced in the War Doctor box sets.

You can pre-order all four box sets of Doctor Who: The War Doctor, plus Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor – The Time War today from the Big Finish website, priced just £20 each on both CD and Download, or all five available in a single bundle for easy ordering. Pre-orders on CD have free UK postage, and anyone buying on CD through the Big Finish website gets access to the Download version on release.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

DOCTOR WHO Coal Hill School Spinoff CLASS Announced

The big question, of course, is who will be the caretaker?

BBC Three has just announced Class, a new Doctor Who spinoff series of eight 45-minute episodes centered around Coal Hill School set in modern London.  Coal Hill School recently returned to Doctor Who for the 50th anniversary special, "The Day of the Doctor," and was featured in Series Eight and Nine.

The Coal Hill School was introduced on November 23, 1963, in the very first episode of Doctor Who, "An Unearthly Child," which also introduced the First Doctor, his granddaughter Susan Foreman, her teachers Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright, and the TARDIS.  Coal Hill wasn't seen again until 1988, in the story "Remembrance of the Daleks" with the Seventh Doctor and Ace.

This will be the first new Doctor Who spinoff since Torchwood: Miracle Day and The Sarah Jane Adventures ended in 2011.

And hey, there's a spiffy press release, taken from the official Doctor Who site...

BBC Three announces Doctor Who Spin Off

BBC Three today announces Class - a new 8 x 45 minute Doctor Who spin off from the acclaimed YA author, Patrick Ness. Class is a YA series set in contemporary London. Incredible dangers are breaking through the walls of time and space, and with darkness coming, London is unprotected. With all the action, heart and adrenalin of the best YA fiction (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Hunger Games), this is Coal Hill School and Doctor Who like you’ve never seen them before.

Steven Moffat says, “No one has documented the dark and exhilarating world of the teenager like Patrick Ness, and now we're bringing his brilliant story-telling into Doctor Who. This is growing up in modern Britain - but with monsters!”

On his first television series, writer Patrick Ness says, "I'm astounded and thrilled to be entering the Doctor Who universe, which is as vast as time and space itself. There's so much room there for all kinds of amazing stories, and to work with Steven Moffat and Brian Minchin to find a place to tell one of my own has been an absolute joy. I can't wait for people to meet the heroes of Class, to meet the all-new villains and aliens, to remember that the horrors of the darkest corners of existence are just about on par with having to pass your A-Levels."

Damian Kavanagh, Controller BBC Three adds, “We’re excited to give Patrick Ness this opportunity to work with us at BBC Three and the Doctor Who family. Patrick understands young audiences and I’m delighted he will use his incredible skills as a storyteller to delight audiences on BBC Three. BBC Three will always innovate and offer opportunities for brilliant new talent."

Polly Hill, Controller BBC Drama Commissioning, adds, “I am thrilled that Patrick Ness is writing his first drama series for BBC Three. The combination of Patrick and Steven Moffat, is an exciting partnership that has created a brilliant Doctor Who spin off for our BBC Three audience.”

Class is executive produced by Steven Moffatt, Patrick Ness and Brian Minchin. It was commissioned by Damian Kavanagh, Controller BBC Three and Polly Hill, Controller BBC Drama Commissioning.

An 8 x 45 minute series produced by BBC Cymru Wales in association with BBC Worldwide for BBC Three.

The series will film in and around Wales from Spring, 2016 and be on air next year.

NEXT STOP EVERYWHERE 038: "The Witch's Familiar" is Up!

"He's trapped at the heart of the Dalek empire.  He's a prisoner of the creatures who hate him the most in the universe.  Between us and him is everything the deadliest race in all of history can throw at us.  We, on the other hand, have a pointy stick."
-- Missy/The Mistress to Clara Oswald, Doctor Who: "The Witch's Familiar"

With me somehow still functioning after a crazy week out in Utah for Salt Lake Comic Con, my good friend and co-host Jesse Jackson are back with another episode of Next Stop Everywhere: The Doctor Who Podcast!

This time, Jesse and I discuss things like my encounters with Jenna Coleman and John Barrowman, Salt Lake Comic Con's "Ten Years of New Who" bitch session panel, Jesse's latest job interview, wanting a Missy & Clara spinoff series, George Lucas using Davros as his inspiration for Emperor Palpatine, echoing Douglas Adams' Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, wanting to see the Vampire Monkeys story, Missy's subtle bombshell about having a daughter, Clara once again getting stuck inside a Dalek, nods to "The Daleks" and "Asylum of the Daleks," the Doctor and Davros' Batman: The Killing Joke moment, Peter Davison era story "Mawdryn Undead," Davros' theory about why the Doctor originally left Gallifrey, the awkwardness of having the Doctor figure out you tried to trick him into murdering his own companion, stocking up on Ray-Ban sunglasses, my Reverse the Polarity segment, and more!

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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

POWERS Casts Michael Madsen as SuperShock

Was this as good for you as it was for me?

Comic Book Resources has word that the Sony PlayStation Network series Powers has cast Michael Madsen as the mysterious superhero known as SuperShock.

SuperShock is described in the article as "a perfect physical specimen with an unparalleled presence that catapulted him to global fame.  After retiring at the height of his career under mysterious circumstances and disappearing from public view, he emerges for the first time in forty years after the death of Retro Girl."

Madsen, 57, is best known as Vic Vega (Mr. Blonde) in Reservoir Dogs and as Budd in Kill Bill Vols.1 & 2, all films by director Quentin Tarantino.  His other more notable films include WarGames, Wyatt Earp, Species, Donnie Brasco, Die Another Day, Sin City, and the upcoming Tarantino film The Hateful Eight.  Madsen has also appeared in the television series Quantum Leap, CSI: Miami, 24, Axe Cop, the current Hawaii Five-O, and voiced the Green Lantern known as Kilowog for the animated direct-to-home video movie Green Lantern: First Flight.

"Super-Shock is the most powerful superhero in the Powers universe," said co-creator Brian Michael Bendis.  "With him comes a whole new set of problems and achievements.  With Retro Girl's death, Super-Shock comes out of wherever he's been and we'll discover a lot about the Powers universe through him and Walker and Deena's relationship.

"This is the biggest superhero in the world," Bendis added.  "Superheroes were named after him.  He never took an advertisement dollar, he never was in product placement.  He kept it pure for decades and decades."

Created in 2002 by Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming, Super-Shock first appeared in Powers (vol.1) #24 and was featured in the storyline "The Sellouts" as one of the older Powers that wandered the Earth for millennia before revealing himself to the world as a superhero.

For years, he was a member of a popular superteam known as Unity that was active in the 1980s, but after time, he started to lose contact with reality and went on a destructive killing spree before being stopped by Ultrabright, his previous colleague and paramour.  As a result of his actions, all Powers are declared illegal by the United States government.

Powers is expected to return to the PlayStation Network for Season 2 sometime in 2016.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

THE FANDOM ZONE 026: "Damned If You Do" is Up!

"I beg of you my son, please choose happiness, unless you feel a calling.  A true calling."
-- The late Thomas Wayne to his son Bruce, Gotham: "Damned If You Do"

With our episode posting back on track, Karen Lindsay and I have another new episode of The Fandom Zone Podcast!  

This week's reviews of comics on television include:

Birds of Prey 1x13 -- "Devil's Eyes" (SERIES FINALE)
Fear The Walking Dead 1x04 -- "Not Fade Away"
Gotham 2x01 -- "Damned If You Do"

We talk about things like my exhaustion from Salt Lake Comic Con, the awkwardness of being hypnotized into acting like King Kong, Harley Quinn's Hypnotoad eyes, why Batman doesn't kill The Joker, Harley Quinn's total Oracle mindfuck, Birds of Prey's failure as a series, dreading Melissa Rosenberg writing Jessica Jones, wondering when Travis Manawa became The Man of the People, Nick finally washing himself (albeit in the pool), Travis and Madison's backseat sex, the passing of Catherine Coulson from Twin Peaks, Nick's total douchebag move with a morphine drip, the awkwardness of reflecting lights becoming muzzle flashes, The Penguin's plans within plans, Bruce Wayne's password fail, a special appearance by Karen's cat, Barbara Kean finally finding a personality (even if it's Harley Quinn's), Zaardon's blue gas, Batman villains Amygdala and The Tigress, revealing the official name for fans of The Fandom Zone, and more!

You can check out the episode HERE and for those of you who use iTunes, we're already available HERE, so please subscribe and rate us! If direct download MP3s are more your thing, you can find those HERE as well. In addition, we have The Fandom Zone show page on Facebook, which you can check out HERE. And we're also on Twitter using the account @FandomZoneCast.

Be sure to come back next week as we review the Season 3 premiere of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, the next episode of Gotham, and the fifth episode of Fear The Walking Dead, right here on The Fandom Zone Podcast!

THE X-FILES Revival Teaser Trailer Debuts on Fox

The truth is still out there...and I couldn't be happier.

Last night, viewers of the Fox series Gotham got the first good look at the upcoming revival of The X-Files, starring David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.  In a two-part teaser totaling 45 seconds, we see the return of Fox Mulder, Dana Scully, Mitch Pileggi as Walter Skinner, and a very familiar hand holding a cigarette.

The trailer opens with Scully answering her spiffy 2015 iPhone, after checking that Mulder is calling.  "I'm here," says Mulder, looking at her from behind the doors of a hospital intensive care unit.

"They police us and spy on us, tell us that makes us safer," Mulder remarks as we see fleeting images of Scully at the Capitol Building, a flying drone, and Mulder in his empty former FBI office (pencils are still stuck in the ceiling tiles after all these years) with a bearded Skinner. "We've never been in more danger."

Scully sees the words "Don't give up" handwritten on the dirty rear winshield of a car as Skinner replies, "Then do something about it, Mulder."

"This is my life.  This is everything I believe in," continues Mulder as we then see soldiers from the past with the dead body of a child.

"You are on dangerous ground here," Scully tells Mulder, who replies, "I know what I'm doing."

We see more of the soldiers on a remote military outpost and Scully drawing her gun on someone wearing a possible hazmat suit.

And then, we hear the voice of William B. Davis, reprising his role as the Cigarette-Smoking Man as his hand is shown with (suprise!) a cigarette.  "We have a small problem," he says, somehow still alive after being supposedly killed by a rocket launched from a helicopter in the final X-Files episode "The Truth."

If you'd like to check out the teaser, you can view it below thanks to Television Promos on YouTube...

The X-Files returns to Fox following the NFC Championship Game on January 24, 2016.